Mohan Hehra

"1st Place Laces no tie laces are indeed a very useful and practical item that fits well as part of fundraising efforts. Thank you for your creativity, energy and passion in support of The Arc."

Mohan Hehra - Past President, The Arc of the United States

Kristen Larsen

"A special thanks for bringing the 1st Place Laces fundraiser to The Arc. It is such a blessing to have the funds available to help pay for things from staff wages to special projects."

Kristen Larsen - Executive Director, The Arc of Buffalo County


"Girlfriend gave as a gift. At first I was skeptical, but now I've got to say that I love these laces.  They make it so easy to slip my shoes on and off at the door--and at the airport!"


"These laces help me run faster!"

Jackie H.

"I love the look of these shoe laces, and my cousin, Ryan, would totally go bonkers for these! He absolutely loves anything that has lots of color in it, so I’m sure I’ll have to order some for him!”


Team Spirit! We got the laces for our whole team.  Now no one is tripping over untied or dangling long laces.



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