Easy as 1234 …

1) lace shoe

    • Package includes two laces, pairs of BOTH black button locks with end pieces AND white button locks with end pieces.  It is your choice to use either black or white locks.  
    • Laces shoe normally
    • With the shoe on the foot, tighten or loosen laces at each eye to adjust to your desired fit

2) push lock button, insert laces through lock

  • Push down on the lock button,
  • Insert each lace tip through each of the lock openings, slide lock up as shown, release lock
  • To insure PROPER FIT–with the shoe on your foot, slide the lock up to adjust your desired fit

3) slide end piece

  • Note: the end piece is optional. Before completing this step, see below for custom options
  • while the lock is in place at your desired fit, insert lace tips through the end piece and slide end piece up to the lock

4) knot & cut

  • Loop the laces as shown into a knot–see Custom Options below to decide where you want to place the knot
  • Pull on the laces to tighten the knot
  • Cut below the knot as shown

custom options

  • The distance from the lock to the end piece is the distance you will be able to slide the lock.  If you want to be able to open up your shoe a lot when putting on your shoes, then leave three inches of distance from the lock to the end piece.  A shorter distance will leave less room.
  • One option is to not use the end piece (far left photo); instead simply knot the laces as shown in Step 4, and then tuck in the lace ends
  • The middle and right photos show examples of other options using the end piece at two lengths