About the Laces

1st Place Laces is a fun and easy shoelace system designed to give you comfort and convenience, while eliminating the need to tie your shoes. Our laces are made from a special bungee cord material that stretches, so every shoe turns into a slip on. Then it is easy to simply slide the lock to your desired snugness of fit. The laces come in 28 cool colors, so you’ll be able to find just the right color to match your shoes, your cause or your team.

About Us

Personally I wear these laces in all my shoes.  They are comfortable and convenient, and I simply love them.  And I’ve heard from many many others who love these locking laces.  I especially enjoy Devon’s comment that they “help me run faster!”  And these laces are a great assistance for my son Dustin, who has Down Syndrome. 

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Yours truly, LeAnn E. Thomas, Owner

Here's a photo of me with my son Dustin at the Arc Valentine's Day dance photo booth.

Here’s a photo of me with my son Dustin at the Arc Valentine’s Day dance photo booth.